Micro-fulfillment with 60 min delivery in UAE
4 locations

in different parts of Dubai

pay as you go
45 minutes

our average delivery rate
More than a warehouse
Micro-fulfillment with a 60 min delivery
What is a darkstore?
Darkstores are mini-warehouses focused on instant delivery. We store your stock in different parts of the city and as soon as the customer checks out on your website, the courier picks up the order from the nearest warehouse and delivers it to the doorstep.
The process remains the same for your client
For the client, the process remains the same. He places an order on your website and receives it almost instantly - within 60 minutes, instead of "tomorrow".
15-60 min delivery
The speed of delivery will stimulate demand and remove the time barrier between you and the customer.
Start small
We advise you to select a group of products which are most relevant for fast delivery. You can also use Darkstory as a tool to promote new products. A product delivered in 60 minutes will stand out from the rest of the stock.
Free up your warehouse
We will take care of your headache for the assembly and delivery of orders to the final buyer within an hour from the placement of the order.
Be physically closer to the client
We will provide a place to store your products in any area of Berlin. It is suitable for any goods: from food to new beauty and fashion products.
How to start
  • 1
    Tell us about your goals
    We will contact you, help you choose delivery zones and organize a pilot in Berlin. You can start with one shelf in each warehouse and scale depending on the needs of the business
  • 2
    Integration is free
    Darkstory is easy to integrate + we have a great support team to help you go through the process. We can easily integrate into your website or marketplace. Just let us know what works best for you:)
  • 3
    Ship the goods to the distribution center
    We will distribute the goods to the chosen darkstores and notify you when you can start selling. The process takes no more than 24 hours.
Darkstory is a flexible solution
for your business
— 1 shelf (100х50х50 cm)
— First loading free of charge
— Free integration with your website
per month
— 5 shelfs
— 2 loadings free of charge
— Free integration with your website
per month
— 50 shelfs and more
— 4 loadings free of charge
— Free integration with your website
per month